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Our Laptop Servicing


Chemical cleaning is very important for the internal parts of your laptop. It is beneficial for boosting up the performance of the motherboard and processor.


Cooling paste treatment is a process that is responsible for the smooth running of your laptop. Generally, laptop overheating problems happen when this cooling paste dries up.  This paste is replaced on the motherboard and graphic card heat sink.

DAta recovery

Data recovery is the process of restoration of lost data that has been deleted permanently deleted or corrupted and is very much difficult to get back. This process involves digitally scanning data manually and through software and hardware and getting it back.


The cooling fan of a laptop is needed to be cleaned on a regular basis because it is responsible for cooling down the extra heat of your laptop. So any issues with these underperforming parts are informed to the customer.

BIOS Programming

BIOS is a program that is pre-installed in the microprocessor which is needed to run a laptop when the system is powered on. Sometimes it crashes out. Here we installed it again with care so that you don’t have to follow this problem again.

laptop health Servicing

After the general servicing, we give a brief description of the laptop’s health to the customer. We make the customer aware of the actual condition of their laptop, and advice them to take the needed precaution which can save the health of their laptop.

OS Installation

Upgrading your operating system is a very important step to secure your laptop from vulnerable virus attacks or hacking. It is always better to use the newer operating system because a new operating system is much more secure than the older one. We provide you genuine operating system installation service.

Antivirus installation

Installing an antivirus is very important for your laptop because it protects your machine against any virus or any impending attack that can damage your laptop. We install genuine antivirus in your laptop so that it remains safe and secure.


Yes, the same-day laptop repairing service is available  in most of the cases. But sometimes it depends on the problem that you are facing regarding your laptop. If you have any serious problem then it may take some time but not more than 2 days.

Yes. We work with a warranty offer. You will be given a warranty after the servicing. But it is quite difficult to figure out any exact warranty period because it depends on the parts of the laptop you are fixing. Different parts have different warranty periods.

We repair laptops of all brands including Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell, Macbook, Sony, Apple, Asus, Toshiba, and Samsung.

Yes, absolutely our professional team consists of government ITI engineers, with over 10 years of experience. They are brand recognized.

Sometimes. It is not available for a single machine servicing. This service will be available when a bulk amount of laptops is needed to be serviced.

Yes, absolutely. Our technicians will allow you to see the whole process. You can experience it first hand.

Yes, but it is not recommended, because in most of the cases the customers do not clear out the exact problem that they are actually facing. It is better to discuss the estimate after diagnosing the problem.

We normally give same day reparing service. In most of the cases we need 2/3 hours to fix the problems. But in the case of any extreme complications we need 2

Yes, absolutely. We use 100% genuine spare parts.

Yes, All laptop parts are available here.

Yes, It is a general process to take a backup before the submission of a laptop. However, we don’t access the personal data of the clients.

Yes, but not in all cases. In some cases the money-back system is available.

Yes. Checks and all kinds of online payments are accepted here.

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